General Meeting 2003-07-18

46 people in attendance

46 gamers attended our first meeting after Origins. After a warm beginning the evening turned cooler and ended in a beautiful night. Five new faces make their first appearance at a CABS meeting. First game under way at 5:00 p.m. as Jason defeats me in a game of Senjutsu. Gaming was going on after I left at midnight so any game player after that point is not listed. Room closed and last gamers out at 2:30 a.m. - Nine hours of gaming - not bad for a Friday Night !!!

Games played: Search and Destroy (SPI), Advanced Squad Leader, Senjutsu (x3), Settlers of the Stone Age, Domaine, 13 Dead End Drive, Carcassonne, Lords of the Sierra Madre, Granada (Avalanche Press), Puerto Rico x2, Bosworth, Curolvs Magnvs x2, Chobolo, Mancala, Vinci x2, Boogle, Auction, Wooly Booly, Zendo, Martian Chess, Union Pacific, Mare Nostrum, Tigris Euphrates.