General Meeting 2003-08-15

41 people in attendance

The Prez (Todd) arrived first at about 5:30. Other gamers trickled in from then on. At about 6:00 the floods came. Downpour after downpour hit the area. At 6:45 someone made the comment that it might be a weak night as the crowd was small ... YET ... when we counted we had 28 gamers !!! Gamers came and went and we think that there were more than 41 but that is what the sign up list had on it. I left at midnight and gaming was going on strong. Do not know what time it finally broke up and there may be a few more games played than listed. 

GAMES PLAYED: Top Race, Auction, Union Pacific, Puerto Ricox4, Vinci, Heave Ho, Onslaught, Gigantem, OCS Korea, Bismarck, This Accursed Civil War, Battle Cards,Tikal, Carcassonne, City Scape, Mystery of the Abbey, Bang, Balloon Cup, Lost Cities, Krokinole, Bohnaza