General Meeting 2003-09-05

55 people in attendance

If you care to believe us ----> 55 gamers showed up and played games at the CABS meeting !!! YES 55 !!! The games played list is below. Gary was the 500 attendee to walk through the doors this year at our meeting location ... We are now on the way to 600. 15 gamers at 6:00 pm, 55 gamers at the height of gaming, 25 gamers were still on hand at 12:30 am, 15 at 1:30am and the doors closed at 2:30am with 10 on hand. It was a crazy evening as 8 new faces show up to play games. We expect all of the to return ... from Gary ... And my spouse's comment after last night at CABS? "You guys may have to stop advertising. The place was so packed the game Bruce was playing was partially out the door."

GAMES PLAYED: Battle for Germany, Puerto Rico, Hammer of the Scots, I'm the Boss, Cartagena, Paths of Glory, Operation Michael, Burma (OCS), Advanced Squad Leader, Starfarers of Catan, Lost Cities, For the People, Rivers-Roads and Rails, Santa Fe Rails, Mama Mia, Zombies, Carcassonne, Princes of Florence, Titan, Sett, Krokinole, Fluxx, Lord of the Rings, Genius Rules, Cosmic Coasters, Aladdins Dragons, Chobolo, Tutancamen, Metro, and Star Wars Duel..