General Meeting 2003-09-19

61 people in attendance


Last meeting we shattered our previous record of 50 with 55 attendees ... well we did it again as 61 gamers show up to play games last night at the CABS meeting ... The last guy to show up arrived at midnight as he had just gotten off work and he said he knew he could get a couple of hours of gaming in at the meeting !!! We also had the Columbus Dispatch newspaper there taking pictures for an upcoming article on the club and our local game Fest ... Gaming began at about 5:30 with a four person game of Wooly Bully and ended the evening at 2:15 with 15 people playing a 6 player game of Metro, a 6 player game of Scotland Yard and a two play game of Heave Ho and one just wanting to go home !!! At least 33 different games were played !!! Hard core wargames and certainly the lightest of stuff as well !!!

Games Played: Heave Ho, City Scape(x2), Krom, Mama Mia(x2), Your Bluffing, Liberty, Settlers of Catan, Ardennes '44, Storm over Arnhem, Burma, This Accursed Civil War, Munchkin, Puerto Rico, Zombies, Madgab, Pueblo, Vinci, Wooly Bully, Guillitine, Mole Hole, Chobolo, Klunker, Scotland Yard(x2), Zendo(x2), Durch Die Wuste, Metro(x2), Enchanted Forest, PrimePak, Hell Rail, Advanced Squad Leader, Age of Mythology(x2), Paths of Glory, Basari