General Meeting 2003-10-17

50 people in attendance

TONS of games played. At least a ten new faces. Many Wargames and Eurogames alike. First game at 5pm - Hare and Tortoise. Thanks to Luke and Jeff for showing up early and help setting up the room. Thanks to Alan who helped at the last meeting in figuring out a layout for 60+ gamers. Last game ends at 1:30 am - Bohnanza.

Sixth Fleet, Battle Grid, Blue and Gray Quad II (x2), 1825, Vinci (x2), History of the World, Risk Lord of the Rings, Auction, Hair and Tortoise, Puerto Rico (x2), Wooly Bully (x2), Liberty, Give Me The Brain (x2),Axis and Allies Europe, Advanced Squad Leader, Bohnanza, BANG!!! (x3), Union Pacific, Carolus Magnus, Crokinole, Volcano, NY Chase, Torres, Java, Dragon Delta, Euphates & Tigris, Bastogne, Scarab Lordsm and Chrononauts.