General Meeting 2003-11-21

57 people in attendance

57 gamers at the 'club' last night ... I opened the Doors at 5:00 p.m. First game of HIVE under way in minutes as Jeff C, shows up. My first loss of the night as Jeff kicks my butt as his creepy crawlers overwhelm my queen bee. At 5:30 a five player game of PIRATE’S COVE gets under way. Our president Todd S, gets his first win of the night. All five players within five points of each other at the end of the game. After three turns, Todd was 15 points behind and made a great comeback !!! My second loss. I loose a couple more games of HIGH SOCIETY and finally broke through into the winning column with a win in ALHAMBRA. (It's not about winning it's about the fellowship right ??? ;o) More and more gamers find their way to the ‘club’ and more and more games break out. Final tally of 57 gamers at the meeting. 20 gamers hang on till 1 a.m. and the doors close at 2 a.m. with 12 gamers finishing games of BALLOON CUP, ASL and BANG! REMEMBER CABS GAMING IS FREE !!! If you are an occasional gamer – be our guest, join us for some fun. If you grow to become a frequent visitor to the club please consider joining the club so that you can help us in paying the rent. ONE DOLLAR a month per family is a great value in your entertainment dollar Join us in December and your dues are only $10 for the next 10 months of gaming … 


WARGAMES: Ardennes 44, Paths of Glory, Advanced Squad Leader (x2), Kingmaker, Sicily, Onslaught, Scotland the Brave, Liberty.

EUROGAMES: Trans America, Pirate's Cove (x2), Alhambra (x4), Attila, Hare & Tortise, Hive (x7), Puerto Rico, Union Pacific, Royal Turf, Hell Rail, Bonobo Beach, Ursuppe, Balloon Cup, Princes of Florence

CARD GAMES: Brawling Battleships, Stand Cup (x2), Monkeys on the Moon, Rat a Tat Cat, Lost Cities (x2), Bang (x4), Showbiz Shuffle, Fluxx, Katzanjammer Blues, High Society (x3)

OTHER: Krokinole, Casino Derby, Last Chance, Chess, Martian Chess