General Meeting 2003-12-05

45 people in attendance

Threat of Snow scare people away from CABS ...

Doors opened at 5pm and closed at 1:30am with 10 people still hanging on. With the threat of 1-3 inches of snow ... with some calling for up to 6 ... CABS turn out did not break the 50 level for the first time in a couple of months. After the final tally - 45 gamers made their way through the CABS gaming room. We are now 15 gamers away from having had 1000 attendees at CABS functions this year. (After it was all said and done - An inch of rain - ZERO ice – ZERO snow - fell in the gaming area ...) 


Wargames: History of the World, Advanced Squad Leader, Damn Die Hard, Mission Command: Sea, Sicily, Blue & Gray Quad 

Eurogames: Torres, Hive, Aladdin’s Dragons, Metro, Finstere Flure (x2), Modern Art, Alhambra(x2), Volcano, Pueblo, Blockus (2), Auction (x2), Carcassonne, Elfenland, Villa Palleti (x2), 

Card Games: High Society, Bang,

Other Games: Casino Derby (x4), Krokinole, Frag, Pain Doctor, Quinto, Football Strategy, Satellite Services