General Meeting 2004-01-16

52 people in attendance

Doors open at 5pm with 3 there at 5pm. I taught the other two how to play LOST CITIES.

52 gamers show up to play. 6 NEW FACES !!! One found us through my postings on REC.GAMES.BOARD, three others followed a fourth that had read the article in the newspaper about us in October. BUT he read it recently as he found it in a pile of papers that were being recycled !!! The other through a friend ...

Doors close at 2:30 am with 6 playing the card game WIZARDS.

WARGAMES: ASL (x3), Stalingrad, 2nd Front, Blue & Grey Quad

EUROGAMES: Carcassonne, Alhambra (x3), Attika (x7), Clans, Wildlife, Carolus Magnus, Puerto Rice (x3), Exxtra, Gigantum, Aliddins’s Dragons, Settlers of Catan, Finstere Flure, Industria, Ice Lake,, Ausgebremst

CARD GAMES: Lost Cities, Battleline, Wizard (x2), Coloretto, Auction, Nicht Die Bohne, Bang (x2)

OTHER GAMES: Casino Derby (x5)