General Meeting 2004-01-30

45 people in attendance

Doors opened at 5pm. 45 gamers attended our meeting. 35 were still on had at midnight and 10 braved the sub zero cold to finish at 2 am. 


WARGAMES: Korea (SPI), WS&IM (10-Player), Titan (6-Player)

EUROGAMES: Alhambra x2, Attika, Carcassone x4, Clans, Domaine, El Grande, Frag, Harpoon, Kings Breakfast, Liars Dice, Medici, Pueblo, Puerto Rico x2, Settlers of the Stone Age, Through the Desert, ,Union Pacific x2, Vinci, 

CARD GAMES: Wizard x2, Bang

OTHER: Kronkinole x4, Casino Derby, Chess x2

The Battle Royale of the 1st official 5th Friday of the month meeting proved to be a good one. The French and Spanish fleet of 5 vessels headed up by the CABS Board Braintrust, Bruce Reiff, Bud Sauer, Nate Hoam, Todd Surgoine – Admiral, and Walter Koelzing looked liked a well-oiled Sailing Fleet for the first 3 turns of the game. Their undoing came at the hands of the underdog British fleet of 5 74’s captained by Danny “Da Kid” Christiansen – Admiral, Scott, Joe Rossi, Alan Monroe, and Mike Zehnal – Rear Admiral.

The action proved exciting as Danny’s vessel took a beating while his fleet-mates beat into the wind trying to gain the all-important wind advantage. The pretty line of the French and Spanish crumble about three turns in as the two nationalities started to show their real colors.

The mid-board battle consisted of Monroe’s vessel be grappled and boarded by Bud’s swarthy Spainard’s. Zehnal, seeing the masses of men boarding the seemingly hapless Monroe vessel, transfers two of his crew sections to help with the fight. Natey Boy Hoam and his band of derelict French decide to help out Bud, he sends over his crew. The battle went back in forth in melee with the British gradually being worn down by attrition and the sheer number of crew the Spanish and French throw at the battle. All soon changes as the grapnel lines are cut. Nate’s French, disgruntled by the poorly trained Spanish mates, decides to leave the scene. Zehnal’s ship sails off with only one crew section, leaving two crew sections onboard Monroe’s vessel. This proves to be the death-blow towards the Spanish on Bud’s ship. The over-manned British vessel then re-grappels the Spanish ship and boards with ease. Bud surrenders post-haste.

On the other side of the board, a similar action was taking place between a single British vessel and a Spanish vessel. Looking at the mid-board action through a telescope and seeing Captain Bud being hoisted up one of his own yardarms, Walter’s Spanish ship surrenders to Scott’s British ship.

On the other fronts Bruce’s French continue their slow retreat from battle. Zehnal’s ship, despite its weakened crew status, fires cannons with dead-eye reckoning. Zehnal pulverizes Bruce’s ship, demoralizes the crew to Green, destroys the anchoring system and takes him down to 4 hull boxes. Joe, virtually unscathed, tracks down the wayward Reiff, forcing him to strike his colors. All told, Bruce was one shot from a forced surrender, he also was down to 3 sail boxes.
Danny’s exchanges fire with nearly every enemy ship. This takes its toll as Danny’s ship Is burning brightly by the end of the game.

The Spanish and French surrender en masse, an enjoyable time by all.