General Meeting 2004-02-06

52 people in attendance

Doors opened at 5pm. By 5:30 there were 15 on site and by 6pm we had 30 gamers going at it. 52 gamers made their appearance at the meeting. 3 new faces attending.

EURO Games: Alhambra x2, Puerto Rico, El Grande, Attika x2, Princes of Florence, San Marco, Settlers of the Stone Age, Settlers Cities and Knights, King Me, Augsbremst, Cartegena, Medici, Union Pacific, Magna Grecia, Metro, Carcassonne

WAR Games: Reds, ASL x2, Stalingrad, Junta, House Divided

CARD Games: Coloretto, Illuminati: New World Order, Battle Line,

OTHER Games: Casino Derby, Visual Eyes x2, Kronkinole, Bang x3, Battleline, Space Beans, Krokinole, Mancala