General Meeting 2004-02-20

55 people in attendance

Doors opened at 4:30pm and the first game was underway at 4:45. Bruce beats me AGAIN in 2 player ATTIKA. By 5:30 the night was rolling along ... and by 6:30 pm we had 30 gamers going at it. 55 gamers made their appearance at the meeting. 5 new faces attending. 20 gamers out the door around 1:45 am as the last games end. 9 hours of gaming. Let's see, I lost a game of ATTIKA, then won a game of ALHAMBRA, I then lost a game of PRINCE OF FLORENCE, losing then again at ALHAMBRA, a loss at SANTIAGO, a win at ATTIKA and then lost a game of AUGSBREMST, Seven games in 9 hours with a short board meeting in between. That's about 1h per game with other time for the meeting and screwing around. Not bad for a night of gaming.


EURO Games: Lord of the Rings (Confrontation), Santiago, Attika x4, Alhambra x3, Carolus Magnus, Puerto Rico, Evergreen, Message to the Czar, Princes of Florence, Vinci, Tikal, Trumpet, Medici, Samurai, Aladdin's Dragon, Union Pacific, Ausgebremst, Axiom, Pool Position

WAR Games: Reds, ASL x3, Stalingrad, Leningrad, Successors, Victory in the Pacific, A Game of Thrones, Sea Fleet, Age of Renaissance, Battle Cry 

CARD Games: Chrononauts, Bohnanza, Bang

OTHER Games: Casino Derby, Football Strategy