General Meeting 2004-03-05

64 people in attendance

CABbieS pack the House as 64 gamers help CABS set a new meeting attendance record Friday, March 5th !!! A simple challenge went out to the CABS members on Monday as we wanted to have more gamers at our Friday meeting than the tempature. Well the day got to 74 and we got to 64 ... Missed it by that much ... GOOD JOB CABbieS !!! We had a person drive 3 1/2 hours from Kentucky just to play at a CABS meeting. He stayed with a friend in Columbus. We also had a guy from Cincy and another from Tennessee stop by and play games while passing through Columbus and staying with friends.
6 first timers ... AND some new repeaters ...

4:15 – Bud arrives early to eat his dinner and rest after a weary day at work. MUCH to Buds dismay the room was last used for a class and the tables are in amphitheater layout. Bud will be spending the next ½ hour rearranging the room.
4:30 – Jeff C arrives – much to Buds delight. Now Bud and he can work together. The pair decide to PACK the room tighter than every before just to see how many tables and chairs we can get in ... The first game is under way ;o) (LITTLE DID WE KNOW !!!)
4:45 – Another sucker … er gamer arrives Bruce R, helps finish off the room set up.
5:00 – The doors are open and we begin our first game – TAKE IT EASY with a total of 5 gamers.
5:30 – 20 gamers are already at play …
6:30 – Crowd swells to 40 …
7:30 – The night is YOUNG as the crowd is now at 50 !!!
8:30 – We hit 60 !!!
9:30 – Our 62nd, 63rd and 64th gamers walk through the door !!! All of them saying that they were done with chores and other things and thought to themselves … IT’s not too late to go to the CABS meeting as the game party has just BEGUN !!!
10:30 – 50 gamers still playing !!!
11:30 – 45 gamers still playing !!!
12:30 – 40 gamers still at it ??? (Will they never leave !!! ;o)
1:30 – The final 20 gamers finish up and are kicked … escorted … thrown … or Leave on their own free will out the door !!! Board Members still on site for the end of the record breaking night are Todd, Nate, Gary, Bud and Sean.


WAR GAMES: Invasion America, Junta, Luftwaffe, Advanced Squad Leader (x3), Liberty, Operation Market Garden

CARD GAMES: Wizard, Coloretto, Bang (with High Noon) (x2), Bohnanza, Nodwick

EURO GAMES: Puerto Rico (x5), New York Chase, Settler of Catan, Royal Turf (x2), Carlos Magnus (x2), Hare & Tortise, Blockus (x2), Cosmic Coasters, Trias, San Marco, Take it Easy (x5), Through the Desert, Alhambra (x3), Europe 2030, Attika (x4), Aladdins Dragons (x2), Carcassonne

OTHER GAMES: Curses (x2)