General Meeting 2004-03-19

57 people in attendance

Despite the NCAA's being in Columbus, CABbieS showed what was the real draw in town. 57 gamers descended upon MOSSL and gamed their hearts out. A cool March evening outside was nothing compared to the hot action in the MOSSL game room.
The doors opened at 5pm with 5 gamers on hand. By 6pm 20 gamers were involved. 7pm we were at 40. At 8pm, 9pm and 10pm the counts were still at or above 50. At 11pm we were back to 40. Midnight saw 30 gamers on hand. Last game was sounded and at 1am 30 gamers were in their final game. The doors closed around 2 am with about 15 finishing their final rounds of their games.

EURO GAMES: Ra, Carlos Magnus, Attika x4, Chinatown x2, Master Labyrinth, Lord of the Rings, Puerto Rico, Carcassone x2,Medici, Union Pacific, Zendo, San Marco x2, Aladdin's Dragons

CARD GAMES: High Society, Lost Cities, Colorotto, Bohnanza, Franks Zoo, Limits, Tricks, Mamma Mi, Dragons Gold, Komme Glelch, BANG!, Wizards

WARGAMES: Axis & Allies Europe, Battle Cry x7, War at Sea x2, Into the Beartrap, Maneuver x4

OTHER GAMES: Chess, Casino Derby x6, Republic of Rome, Kronkinole, March Madness x2, Curse