General Meeting 2004-04-02

60 people in attendance

Two international guests attended the CABS meeting last Friday. One was from Norway and the other was from Germany. 58 other gamers attended the meeting. Many – MANY games were played. Almost as many as the number of gamers. Our attendance continues to be the story. We are averaging 53+ gamers to our meetings this year. We are averaging a new paid member every meeting. Where are all these gamers coming from ???

GAMES PLAYED:WARGAMES: Europe Engulfed, ASLSK x2, Axis & Allies – Revised x2, Axis & Allies – Classic, D-Day (AH), Emperor's First Battles (Jena), Hammer of the Scots, Triumph & Glory x2, Victory in the Pacific

OTHER GAMES: Football Strategy, Rock Paper Scissors x2, Hive, Liars Dice

CARD GAMES: Bang! x2, Dragon's Gold, Money

EUROGAMES: Java, Robo Rally, China Moon, Tongiaki, Attika x2, ,Ursuppe,Hare & Tortoise, Puerto Rico, Coda x5
Auction x2, Oasis, Richochet Robot, Chinatown, Alexandros, Medici,Carolus, Magnus x3, Princes of the Renaissance, Through the Desert, Bohnanza, ,Princes of Florence, Master Labyrinth, Wreckage, Alhambra, Carcassone