General Meeting 2004-04-16

64 people in attendance

Record Friday Night CABS Crowd

REPORT FROM MIKE Z, ... (with edits by me)

Keep your eyes open for a new building. Nine new members signed up this Friday (2 of these were spouses). We are at 90 PAID members. REMEMBER the FIVE DOLLAR MEMBERSHIPS for the remaining game year through the end of September !!! We think we are past the critical mass point as more gamers are coming in than leaving.

Bud will provide the official body-count. However, I recorded 58 that actually know how to write and signed the attendance sheet. (Bud reports 64 was the official body count) Over 44 recorded games played. GAMA can't bring you this every odd Friday, Origins can't bring you this every odd Friday. But your local Columbus Area Boardgaming Society gets the job done. Give us any size room, a little time and we can fill it! 

We went international again as several of the Gathering crowd dropped by to game with us. Our club was privileged enough to have on hand the ONLY copy of Memoir’44 to try out plus we had two copies of only 24 in America the RIO GRANDE game POWER GRID!!! It will be in stores in 3-4 weeks as they are on a slow boat from Europe. Both look good. 

Several new games purchased for the Library from the PREZCON auction and the GATHERING flea market.

Our back to back meetings are on tap next !!! Our 5th Friday of April and 1st Friday of MAY !!! 


WAR GAMES: Manoeuvre x1, ASLSK x2, Bloody Kasserine x1, Hammer of the Scots x2, Panzer Leader x1, Axis & Allies Europe x1, Liberty x1, Memoir’44 x4 

OTHER GAMES: History of the World x1, Kronkinole x1, Liars Dice x4, Squint x1

CARD GAMES: Dragon's Gold x1, Lost Cities x1, Bang! X2

EURO GAMES: Alhambra x2, Puerto Rico x4, San Juan x3, Clippers x1, Ticket to Ride x2, Power Grid x2, Ursuppe x1, San Marco x1, Hansa x1, Domaine x1, Acquire x1, Attika x1, Tigris & Euphrates x1, Carcassone the Castle x1, Amun Ra x1, Carcassonne x1, Medici x1, Aladdin’s Dragon, Ricochet Robot x1