General Meeting 2004-05-07

51 people in attendance

51 Gamers at our latest meeting. Doors opened at 5m and our new board member closed up at 2:46am with 10 gamers playing one last round of Feurio! and Royal Turf, and he was home by 3:01, not bad.

EURO GAMES: Power Grid, Age of Steam, Ticket to Ride x4, Attika, Fomula De, Streetcar, Sante Fe Rails, The Haunting House x2, Domaine, Alhambra, Union Pacific, Goldland, Blockus x3, I'm the Boss, Carcassonne, Feurio x2, Royal Turf

WAR GAMES: ASL, Liberte, Europe Engulfed x2, Axis & Allies (D-Day), ASLSK x1, Field Command, Battle Cry, Hammer of the Scots, Britannia, SPQR

CARD GAMES: Guillotine x2, San Juan, Klunker, Lawless, Lost Cities, Bang (High Noon), Chrononauts

OTHER GAMES: Liars Dice x4 Kronkinole