General Meeting 2004-06-18

78 people in attendance

78 Gamers - All getting ready for Origins !!!

CARD GAMES: San Juan, Battleline, Bang: High Noon, Munchkin, Mama Mia, Wizard

WAR GAMES: Battle of the Bulge, Afrika Corps, Axis & Allies, Invasion America, Europe Engulfed, Age of Napoleon, Brittania, ASL, Stalingrad, Kingmaker

EURO GAMES: Formula Motor Racing, El Grande, Oasis, Goa, Zombies 4: The End, Puerto Rico, Ticket to Ride, Age of Steam, Power Grid, Alhambra, Attika, Settlers of Catan, I'm the Boss, St. Petersburg, Carcassonne

OTHER GAMES: Football Strategy, Rock Paper Scissors – Playtest, Monopoly - Fed Ex Edition, Zendo, Kronkinole, The Hills Rise Wild