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New Location for CABS in 2023


CABS will have a new location in 2023. We are pleased to announce that we will be partnering with Coffee Underground, a non-profit enterprise with the support of the Indianola Church of Christ. The new location is located at 2141 Indianola Avenue, Columbus, OH, 43201. We have plenty of free parking at the location, and it is only 1 block from several major COTA bus lines. The first meeting at the new location will be on Friday, January 6, 2023, at 3:00 p.m.

Location Change for 2023


Fellow Cabbies,

The 2022 CABS Board of Directors has recently received news about our sublease on the space with MOSSL that we have decided should be announced to our general membership. As you may know, we’ve been holding meetings at our current location since 2006, with our sublease set to expire in 2024. For many of us, MOSSL is where we experienced CABS for the first time. We have all made good memories there.

The original plan was for CABS to stay at MOSSL until April 2024. However, MOSSL is going out of business faster than expected and has decided to terminate its lease early on January 1st, 2023. As a result, CABS will need to find a new home for 2023 and beyond. We will continue to hold meetings at the MOSSL location through 2022 as planned. We are very grateful to MOSSL for their support of CABS over the years we have partnered with them. Their willingness to share their space with us has greatly benefited our club.

The Board has been aware for some time that 2024 would be the final year at MOSSL. Two new locations have already been identified. Our current priority is finding a fixed place for meetings that will permit storage and on-site access to the CABS Library and have ample parking, similar to our current location.

“How can I help or participate with the location search?” While we’d appreciate any feedback or suggestions you might have, some ways of helping are better than others. In particular, providing us with contact information for organization(s) that we might be able to sublease from is not as useful as you reaching out and contacting them on our behalf. For reference, we currently pay $1200 per month for about 2500 sq. ft. for 4-5 monthly meetings. The space must be available on Fridays and/or Saturdays.

“What if CABS can’t find a home in time?” We will be making the utmost effort to maintain a regular meeting schedule and format in 2023, similar to what we’ve done for the past 16 years. However, due to the realities of the real estate market, we may have to sacrifice space, meeting dates, amenities, etc. We may even have to go to pop-up meetings without the library until a suitable space can be found.

The information stated above is all the news regarding this situation as of this date. As noted above, the Board is working diligently to find a new location. As soon as we have information on the new site, we will share it with all members. We will likely need our members’ help to move out of MOSSL at the end of the year. Thank you for your support of the CABS community.

CABS President Matt Boggus, on behalf of the 2022 CABS Board

Worthington Mask Mandate Removed


The City of Worthington has removed the indoor mask mandate as of March 10, 2022. We encourage people who attend our meetings to make their own decision about whether or not to wear a mask while attending a meeting.

Meeting Schedule Change


CABS March Madness has been moved one weekend in anticipation of the Worthington Mask Mandate being removed. The CABS Library Game Sale will be Saturday, March 12th. Members will be admitted at 9:30 am and non-members admitted at 10 am. Join us for our March Madness Game-A-Thon and Game Sale!

February 4th Meeting CANCELED


Due to the current weather situation, the CABS meeting scheduled for Friday, Feb 4, 2022, has been canceled.  

Worthington Mask Requirements


As a reminder, the City of Worthington is requiring that masks be worn at all indoor spaces until further notice.  Attendees at all indoor CABS meetings will be required to wear masks at all times while on site.

In-Person Meetings to Begin on July 10th


In-Person Meetings Resume July 10, 2021!

As the board prepares to begin offering in-person meetings for the first time in 15 months, we feel obligated to do our best to offer a safe, healthy environment in which to return to gathering in person. To that end, the board has decided on the following policy to provide what we believe to be a reasonably safe environment for those who willingly choose to gather socially at this time. We appreciate the support and understanding of our members over the past year as we have all had to deal with unprecedented decisions for CABS. We further appreciate the suggestions, ideas, and opinions shared with us.


2021 CABS Meeting Policies - COVID-19 Response

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, in an effort to provide a safe environment to our members, CABS will resume indoor meetings beginning July 10, 2021, with the following restrictions:

To attend an indoor meeting at CABS, you must:
1) Sign the “Infectious Disease Waiver 2021” verifying that you understand risks involved with meeting in person;
2) Provide proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 (at least two weeks prior to the current date, photo of vaccination card is acceptable); and
3) Wear your member badge while attending, with a vaccination verification sticker displayed.

If you don't have your proof of vaccination or forget your member badge with the verification sticker, you will be asked to wear a mask while indoors. If you're not able to wear a mask while indoors we request that you do not attend indoor CABS meetings at this time.

4) While you may drink beverages, food may not be eaten indoors at CABS until further notice.
5) Hours will be limited: Friday meetings, 3-9 PM, Saturday meetings, Noon-9pm


Members who are unwilling or unable to sign the waiver or wear a mask may ask a board member to check out a game for them, but they may not remain on-site. Guests will be asked to sign the waiver and provide proof of vaccination (at least two weeks prior to the current date, photo of vaccination card is acceptable), or will be expected to wear a mask while visiting.

Board Game Challenge for 2018


Introducing the first annual CABS Board Game Challenge for 2018: Seize the moment this year to complete each of the 30 challenges. You'll find yourself playing all sorts of games from the brand new to the tried and true. Like the 10x10 Board Game Challenge, this is also a great activity for families to work on together. There's even another 12 categories for the overly competitive gamer who MUST COMPLETE THEM ALL. On-going details will be listed under "Events." Watch for celebration of CABS members who complete the challenge before the annual meeting in December!

Printable PDF: 2018CABS_BoardGameChallenge.pdf

Downloadable Google Docs Spreadsheet:

Buckeye Game Fest Organization Split


Effective Jan 1, 2018 we have split off the operation and financial management of CABS yearly gaming convention BuckeyeGameFest into a separate organization. CABS will continue to support BGF by providing the CABS Game Library, but daily operations will be managed by a separate board of directors. This organization split will give us a lot of flexibility to growing BGF into an even bigger and better convention and we are excited for the future. Keep an eye on the BGF website @ or follow them on social media @ or to stay up to date with this year's convention plans.

CABS News 2017-1-28


Proposed CABS Charter Amendments
(Note that this information is relevant to 2017 CABS members only.)

Enumerated below are two proposed CABS Charter amendments. These amendments require a vote by quorum of CABS Membership in order to be implemented. Date of said vote will be 3/17/17- details will be announced later. Here is a link to CABS' current charter: These proposed amendments, along with a copy of the CABS' current charter will also be posted on the bulletin board at CABS.

Proposed Amendment #1:
Article VI Executive Board
Section 6 Quorum
A quorum of the Executive Board shall be a two thirds of sitting Board Members.
A quorum of the Executive Board shall be a majority of sitting Board Members. If less than two thirds of Board Members are present at a meeting, the number of votes required to pass a motion (except procedural motions involved in the conduct of the meeting) shall be the greater of:
(A) The number of votes ordinarily required to pass such motion, or
(B) The number of votes that would be required if two thirds of the Members were present and voting.
(Synopsis: Board can now still meet with only 3 members, rather the needing 4 members. A vote passing a motion still requires at least 3 "yes" votes, or a majority of sitting board members.)

Proposed Amendment(s) #2:
REPLACE Article VII.1.H with the following:
Conventions Board Member (2 positions)
1. Serve as a voting member of the Board of Directors of BUCKEYE GAME FESTIVALS LLC.
2. Regularly report to the CABS Executive Board regarding convention business.
3. Appointees to this position are subject to approval by the Board of BUCKEYE GAME FESTIVALS LLC.
4. These offices shall not be held by the President of CABS.
(Synopsis: CABS wants to maintain a minority interest on the Board of the new organization. IRS rules limits CABS Board Members to 2 positions on the new organization and the president of CABS is excluded from consideration.)

STRIKE Article VIII.3.
(Synopsis: Conventions committee is no longer needed under the new organization structure.)

STRIKE Articles VII.1.I.2 and VII.1.I.6.
(Synopsis: Conventions committee will no longer exist under the new organization structure.)

STRIKE Article VII.1.G.7.
(Synopsis: Promotion of conventions would no longer be a responsibility of Communications Director.)


It's 2017! Time to member up!

See below for the new 2017 rates. What a bargain!
If you have not joined or renewed your membership by now, you should be paying the $5 door fee. All this gaming goodness doesn't just magically happen... it costs money, people.
Remember, as always, first time guests get in for free!

Kickstarter Announcement from Nothing Now Games!

All 3 of these games are designed by CABS members, not to mention that NNG is a game company owned by CABS members.
Next up for our company are a set of three family friendly card games now live on Kickstarter!
Each game plays in under 30 minutes -
Panic! by James Ernest, Greg Parsons and Mick Sullivan, is an exciting 2 to 8 player game, with three rule sets in which you attempt to manipulate the commodities market and make more money than your fellow billionaires.
Journey of the Emperor by Jonathan Dersch, is a relaxing 2 to 5 player game where you attempt to please the Emperor and guests during the Qingming festival by creating journeys from the Castle to the Sea.
Perspective of Mirrors by William Baldwin, is a strategic 2 to 4 player game where you take on the role of an intelligence director and utilize assets and espionage to manipulate the playfield to complete your missions and score points.
We are offering all three games for $30! Or if you prefer any 2 for $25, or one for $15.

Boardgame Cafe at the Upper Arlington Library

Come to the Lane Road Library to hang out, play boardgames, enjoy coffee & tea, and meet new friends! Open to boardgamers of all ages.
Where: Lane Road Library - 1945 Lane Road, Upper Arlington, OH 43202
When: Thursday, February 9: 6-8:30PM
Find out more about this event at or by calling 614-459-0273.
(Note that this is not a CABS sponsored event. If you are planning on attending this event, feel free to get some CABS' biz cards and brochures to take with you to spread the word about CABS.)
CABS MEMBER RATES FOR 2017! See below:

Full Year AfterOrigins After BGF
Adult $60 $40 $20

Add'l $30 $20 $10

Youth(13+) $15 $10 $5


We play games. We love games. We know games. We need to to get the word out. Record your plays on the CABS' Geeklist and tell the world what we're playing. CABS is the largest non-profit boardgaming club in the world and game players/designers/publishers care what we think. It doesn't take much time, just record the play. Read my snarky comments. Or you could write a funny little anecdote to go with your entry. Even better! Go here:

CABS Help Wanted
CABS is looking for a volunteer for the position of promotions director- someone to get the word out about CABS and the great stuff we do! If interested, please email:
CABS Lost & Found
A little girl's bracelet was found in the women's room at MOSSL after the last meeting. IF you think it might be yours or someone you know, look for Peter Stein on Saturday or the next time you're at the club. Or email me at

Upcoming Meetings & Events
Friday meetings officially open at 3pm. Saturday meetings open at 10am. All meetings officially close at midnight but frequently stay open later.

>normal meeting hours
>food truck is Dan's Deli featuring Joe "Grill Monkey" Miller

>normal meeting hours
>"grown-ups" only, 13+ years old only
>CABS Board meeting 6:30pm

>normal meeting hours

>normal meeting hours


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