After Turkey Day Game Fest 2003

55 people in attendance

The AFTER TURKEY DAY GAME FEST was a SMASH HIT!!! Doors opened at 11:30 and closed over 12 hours later at 12:30. We had gamers from Dayton and Zanesville attend. Both of these are over an hour drive away. About 45 at the maximum at one time, with 55 total attendees. The games played list is IMPRESSIVE !!! Gary is working on the pictures and we should have them up soon.


EUROGAMES: Medici (x2), Blockus (x4) , Puerto Rico (x4), Alhambra (x3), Villa Paletti (x4), Clash of Gladiators, Formula De (x2), El Grande (x2), Wiz War, Attila, Ursuppe, Fossil, Talisman, Pirate‚Äôs Cove, Maya, Ricochet Robot

WARGAMES: Advanced Squad Leader, Battle Cry, Blue & Grey, Twilight Struggle, Bulge, Junta, Advanced Civilization, Age of Renaissance, The Russian Campaign 4

CARD GAMES: Gobblet, Kill the Wabbit, Brawling Battleships, Bang! (x3), Mama Mia, Strand Cup, High Society (x3)

OTHER GAMES: Krokinole (x3), Sharp Shooters, Casino Derby (x3), Fantasy Forest, Transformers, Liars Dice, Chrononauts