CABS has regular meetings almost every week. We also have several special events that we hold throughout the year.

  • Buckeye Game Fest (BGF), our sister organization's convention featuring the CABS Library of Games
  • After Turkey Day Game Fest (ATD), two days of gaming on the Friday and Saturday following Thanksgiving.
  • Annual General Meeting (AGM), a special gaming event in December that includes our annual business meeting.
  • TableTop Day, our participation in the International TableTop Day event.

For more information on these events, select the tabs above.

Buckeye Game Fest 2018

As of the start of 2018, BuckeyeGameFest (BGF) is now run by a separate organization. Look for dates on the BGF main website at or follow them on social media @ and for the latest news and convention plans.

The Buckeye Game Fest organization is soliciting volunteers to work at both Origins and BuckeyeGameFest. You will be compensated for your time with discounts on admission to these events. If you are interested, fill out the volunteer contact form at

After Turkey Day 2018

After Turkey Day 2018: November 23-24

The After Turkey Day Game Fest is a two-day gaming blowout held on the Friday and Saturday following Thanksgiving. Why fight the holiday shoppers when you can play games with your friends at CABS? The After Turkey Day Game Fest is open to all, members and non-members alike--we suspend our normal day fees during After Turkey Day.

Annual General Meeting 2018

Annual General Meeting 2018: December 15, 2018 @ 7:00pm (no games during official business)

CABS is required by law to hold a general business meeting once a year, so in December we turn our Annual General Meeting into a big gaming blowout. There's plenty of games, food, and fun, along with a short presentation by the board to the members on the status of the club.  Potluck and pizza are typical activities at the AGM, but more details will be provided by the board closer to the event.

International Table Top Day

International Table Top Day - Saturday April 28th

CABS supports Geek and Sundry's International Tabletop Day events. CABS is open to all on these days (day fees are waived for non-members) and we partner with many of the excellent gaming groups and venues around Columbus to make this a special day.

Check out the Geek and Sundry site for details on how they will be celebrating and watch here and on CABS social media for more details about how CABS will be getting in on the action.

Board Game Challenge

CABS Board Game Challenge 2018

Here's a game about games! Try to complete each category by playing more board games in this variety-focused challenge. There are 30 categories in the basic game with 12 bonus points also possible.

Watch for celebration of CABS members who complete the challenge before the annual meeting in December!'

Printable PDF: 2018CABS_BoardGameChallenge.pdf

Downloadable Google Docs Spreadsheet:

1 A game played with someone you just met
2 A game that weighs more than 3 pounds in the box
3 A game published in 2018
4 A game with insects
5 A game lasting more than 3 hours
6 A game where you don't want the most points
7 A game that's name is printed in red on the box
8 A game that taught you something about history
9 The same game played 5 times in a row
10 A game for 6 or more people
11 A game you got for free
12 A game with sheep on the box
13 A favorite game from your childhood
14 A game involving mechanized transportation
15 A cooperative game
16 A game that starts with the first letter of your last name
17 A game with beaches
18 A game that doesn't come in a box
19 A game that uses at least 12 dice
20 A game set in Asia
21 A game by a female game designer
22 A game with a wooden board
23 A game that requires drawing/sketching
24 A game without a board
25 A game that uses a book to play beyond the rule book
26 A game your family doesn't own
27 A game where weather or climate is an important mechanic
28 A game involving jewels
29 A game ranked in the top 10 on Board Game Geek
30 A game purchased from a Friendly Local Game Stores (FLGS)
31 A game based on a book or series of books
32 An entire season of a legacy game
33 A game you've reviewed
34 A game published before 1995
35 A game you can only play once
36 A game from Wil Wheaton's Tabletop that you haven't played before
37 A game played with someone under 6 years old
38 A game about pirates played while talking like pirates
39 A game with the word "ring" in the name
40 3 different games by the same game designer
41 A game with a board longer than 36 inches
42 A game by a game designer you've met

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) I came across the challenge after January 1- can I count games I played previously in 2018?

Sure, go for it!

2) What if one game you play fulfills three of the challenges, do you count that one play for all three? Or do you have to play different games for each challenge?

Whatever makes it the most fun for you. You could also do it so that each play can complete a category.

3) Is this an individual or group/family challenge?

Either. This could be a lot of fun for a group to work on together or you could race to see who can finish it first.

4) Is the challenge just for CABS members?

Not at all! Feel free to join in and/or share! Recognition within the club will likely only cover members but you're doing it just for fun, right?

5) Do the games have to all be played at a CABS meeting?

No, but you could choose to make that restriction if you wanted.

6) What are the rules? I need more rules!

Um, then make up your own. Our only suggestion is to have fun.

CABS School

CABS SCHOOL is a chance to introduce games to people, be more inclusive as a group, encourage people to connect with new faces, give courage to new gamers, and over-all enhance CABS as a club. Check out the Facebook Group ( for a list of CABS school events that are currently scheduled.

Do you want to teach a game or do you have suggestions on ones to be taught? Send us an email at Please include your name, the game you would like to teach and/or play, and the meetings and times when you would be available to participate.