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​BGF Room Block Closes Aug. 24


The last day to reserve a hotel room at the Crowne Plaza Columbus North at the Buckeye Game Fest block rate ($85/night) is this Sunday, August 24. After that the price will increase to $139/night.

CABS Library Closed for BGF


In preparation for Buckeye Game Fest, the Board of Directors asks that games from the library no longer be taken off-site. Also, if you have checked out a game from the CABS library, please return it at this week's or next week's general meeting.

Game Night @ Shadowbox Aug. 27


CABS will hold our third Bring Your Own Game Night in conjunction with Shadowbox Live at their Backstage Bistro restaurant on August 27. Food and drinks will be available. This is a great opportunity to introduce people outside our club to boardgaming and CABS, so please bring a few games and enjoy some great food! Our last BYOG night had over 50 attendees. Official start time is 7:30pm, but feel free to show up earlier or later.

Board of Directors Meeting Aug. 30


The Board of Directors will hold its monthly meeting at 6pm during the August 30 regular meeting. While no formal agenda has yet been set, items for discussion are expected to include review of member comments on the proposed charter, and preparations for Buckeye Game Fest. All CABS members are encouraged to attend.

GenCon Donations


CABS secured donations of several games while most of our Board of Directors was at GenCon. We would like to thank the following publishers for their generous donations to the library:

Queen Games

Z-Man Games

Mr. B's Games

Asmadi Games

Dyskami Publishing

Dog Might

BGF Announcements


The event grid is nearly ready to go and will be published next week along with instructions for preregistering individual events. If you still have an event you would like to run, please submit it immediately!

The volunteer schedule is being sent for confirmation to everyone who is listed on it today for confirmation. There are three slots left: Friday 12-3 (newly added), Sat 3-6 and Sat 9 to midnight. .

We are looking for volunteers to run “Learn Your Free Game” sessions. We will be giving away plenty of games at BGF and would like attendees to know what they've won! If you would like to assist in this effort, please let us know. (A list of giveaway games should be available next week.)

We are considering holding a table in the dealer’s hall for CABS member’s arts and crafts. This table would be/is restricted to made items (if you want to sell your used games that’s what the consignment store is for). So email us if you would be interested!

Please direct all BGF-related e-mails to

Food Truck for Aug. 9: The Pickled Swine


The Pickled Swine, specializing in deli-style sandwiches, will be returning to CABS for the Aug. 9 general meeting.

Charter Proposal Update


At last week's meeting the Board of Directors completed the process of reviewing the proposed charter. The Board will be opening a two-week period for comment from the membership on the proposed charter beginning this Friday.

A copy of the current charter, the proposed charter, and a document prepared by the Board outlining the major changes to the charter will be sent via e-mail to CABS members only on Friday. All feedback regarding the charter should be sent to the Board at no later than Friday, August 22. Any feedback received will be considered before scheduling the date for voting on the proposed charter.

New Food Truck for Aug. 1 Meeting


CABS welcomes a new food truck for our August 1 meeting: Red Plate Blue Plate. This truck features "Carolina Coastal" cuisine, with several salads and shrimp dishes to choose from, as well as cheesy grits.

For a complete menu, visit their web site at

Board of Directors Meeting Aug. 1


The Board of Directors will hold its monthly meeting at 6pm during the August 1st general meeting. While a formal agenda has not been established, the Board is expected to review the complete proposed charter as amended.

All CABS members are invited to attend the meeting.

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