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Rooms @ Hyatt Available for Origins


CABS is reselling some of the room nights received under our contract for running the Board Room at Origins. Rooms at the Hyatt Regency (the host hotel directly attached to the convention center) are available for $400 for the entire weekend (Wednesday-Saturday nights). If interested, please contact Ian Zernechel, CABS convention director, at

Update from Board of Directors meeting


The Board of Directors met last week to begin discussion and approval of a new club charter. The three articles discussed included makeup of the Executive Board and officer roles, and establishment of committees. The next two board meetings will have substantial portions devoted to discussion of the charter before submitting the proposed document to the membership for approval.

Minutes of the meeting are available upon request.

CABS Game Night @ Shadowbox May 28


On May 28, CABS will host our first sort-of-monthly Game Night in conjunction with Shadowbox Live at their Backstage Bistro restaurant & bar.

Shadowbox Live has been a fixture of live entertainment in Columbus for over 20 years, and opened their own full-service bar and restaurant in 2011 along with their new theater in the Brewery District. We've been invited to host a game night during the middle of the week to bring some business to the restaurant on an off night. In return, Shadowbox will be promoting the event (and CABS) to all of their patrons. We're still working out some of the details with Shadowbox, but but right now we can tell you about the following discounts:

$2 off pizzas $2 off oven-baked nachos $15 buckets of Bud Light (5 bottles) 1/2 price on select crostinis

More details to come!

Deadline for Origins Discount Approaching


CABS will be submitting its final 2014 membership list to GAMA for Origins discounts on or around May 15. Only members who are on the membership roll at that time will be eligible for the Origins discount. If you've been putting off becoming a 2014 CABS member, and want to make sure you get the reduced Origins rate, sign up soon! You can sign up in person at a CABS meeting or on the membership page of our web site.

Board of Directors Meeting This Friday


The Board of Directors will hold the first of its two May meetings this Friday at 6pm. Agenda items for this week's meeting include the first stage of discussion on a proposed rewrite of the club charter and operating rules. CABS members are invited to sit in on board meetings to learn about the governance of the club.

The second Board of Directors meeting for May will be held Saturday, May 31. This meeting is primarily for making last-minute arrangements for Origins.

Schmidt's Food Truck Coming May 2


Schmidt's Sausage House, a repeat CABS visitor and purveyor of creampuffs, will be sending its food truck to our May 2 meeting. Hours of service are expected to be 5:30-8:30 pm.

Seeking Event Ideas for Buckeye Game Fest 2014


We are still seeking organized event ideas for Buckeye Game Fest. Last year we had over 50 scheduled events, most of which were run by cabbies. This year, we'd like to fill the event space at our new venue, the Crowne Plaza Columbus North, with at least that many events... but we need your help figuring out what to schedule! Here's what we'd like to know:

  1. Your event ideas!
  2. Rough estimate of maximum attendance (by number of people) and total event time
  3. Whether you'd be willing to run the event yourself (it's okay if you're not!)
  4. If so, rough estimate of what day (Thursday through Sunday) and time you'd like to run the event

Please send an e-mail with all of the above to and we'll use this information to help compile the schedule. We are looking into the feasibility of having a proper program book printed this year, so the earlier we can lock down an events schedule, the better.

Food Truck Update


The Challah food truck is returning to CABS for this Saturday's meeting. Their menu features brisket, grilled cheese, and whitefishes sandwiches. (Not all of that is on one sandwich.)

Next Friday marks the return of the mobile version of one of Columbus's landmark restaurants, Schmidt's Sausage.

Clairifying changes to BGF 2014


We on the board of directors would like to respond to some of the questions we've received since last week's announcements regarding changes to this year's Buckeye Game Fest.

First, if you are already a paid CABS member, nothing has changed. Your 2014 CABS membership includes entry to Buckeye Game Fest at no additional charge. You do not need to fill out any additional form; a badge will be waiting for you when you arrive at the Crowne Plaza.

Day fees will still be available for non-members who do not wish to attend the entire convention. These fees are:

$15 Thursday
$25 Friday
$25 Saturday
$10 Sunday

The new conventions-only membership is intended to replace the four-day preregistration and on-site registration fees for non-members. By converting these registrations to memberships, the club has more freedom in pursuing non-membership revenue from other sources. The convention-only membership will be the best way to pay for those who want to attend multiple days of BGF (and Origins at the discounted rate) but can't make it to regular CABS meetings.

Also, with the new conventions-only membership, there are no longer separate costs for preregistration and on-site registration. The cost of the conventions-only membership is $45 whether purchased in advance or on-site. However, a giveaway game will only be given to full CABS members, and to those who purchased a conventions-only membership at least one week prior to the start of Buckeye Game Fest.

Buckeye Game Fest 2014 Members Only


In connection with the decision to create a conventions-only membership tier, the Board of Directors has voted to make the 2014 Buckeye Game Fest open only to CABS members. There will not be a separate pre-registration fee.

Convention memberships can be purchased in advanced of Buckeye Game Fest or purchased at the door, however a free game will be given only to those who held a membership at least one week prior to the beginning of the convention.

Day passes will still be available for those who do not wish to purchase a membership at the following rates:

Thursday: $15
Friday: $25
Saturday: $25

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