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Board of Directors Meeting April 12


The CABS Board of Directors will hold its monthly session at 6pm during the April 12 meeting. The primary agenda items are revisions of the budget based on updated membership numbers, and the opening of discussion on an updated club charter. All members are welcomed to sit on on board meetings to understand how the club functions.

Tabletop Day is This Saturday!


We only have a few days until International Tabletop Day this weekend. Our goal is to play every game that's been featured on Tabletop during this meeting. But there are a few games we need to play that aren't in our library and we need your help!

Please visit the BGG geeklist to see the current status of each game we need to play. If you own a game and can bring it on Saturday, please be sure to post. (If you don't have a BGG account, e-mailing the Board of Directors at is the next best thing.

Also, don't forget about our cross-promotion with Kingmakers Board Game Parlour in the Short North. Punch cards will be available at both Kingmakers and CABS on April 5. Visit Kingmakers on April 5 for one punch, then visit CABS and play a game featured on Tabletop for the other punch. Then, on a later visit, you can present your double-punched card at CABS for a free game, and at Kingmakers to waive their $5 library fee for up to two people.

Tabletop Day Food Truck: My Place or Yours A frequent visitor to our regular meetings, My Place or Yours is the food truck for Saturday's meeting. Visit their web site

A note from the President


MOSSL is having another meeting this Friday night, which means we will need help to reset the tables and chairs Saturday morning. Since Saturday is International Tabletop Day, we would like to put a little more effort making the place presentable, so we will also be moving some boxes around.

If you can, we'd like some volunteers to show up early and help out. Nothing brutal, the heaviest things will probably be the orange chairs. I'll be getting there at 8:30AM, anytime around then would be a great help. We'd want everything done by10AM. As a bribe I'll be bringing doughnuts for those who help.

Hope to see you Saturday!

--Pete Stein, President

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